Navigate quickly to erroring node(s)

In large workflows, especially those involving branches and iterations, there will come a time when it fails (yes, really! :wink: ).

I would find it very useful if there were a facility for immediately navigating directly to the node which is currently showing an error condition, or to have a panel that shows all those nodes in an error state (i.e. those with a red circled cross), which allowed quick navigation directly to them.

Currently I often spend time scrolling around trying to find the point at which the error has occurred. Maybe I should just get better at writing workflows… :rofl:

It would be great if there was also an option to display the full detail of all warnings and failures in the Node Monitor on the new UI. I may be missing something, but I am having to find the error node / click on it and even then I am only seeing an abbreviated text of the failure. You could make the warning / error list into nav / select links back to the associated nodes and solve both problems at once.