Need a "Date Splitter" Node

In order to route date periods through alternate workflow streams, I find myself having to combine multiple date filter nodes, join, concatenate and formula tests to split / route / verify that nothing was dropped. I can make it into a component, but there is no quick insert functionality for components. They are clumsy and slow to access vs nodes, and are not available via quick node insert.

In general, I really find “Filter” nodes to be of limited use… I know that some users like them because they are less resource intensive than a “Splitter” node, but from my perspective they open workflows to future uncaught errors. The splitter node allows for simple secondary routing or testing to verify that a filter is still performing its intended function in the wider view of the workflow.

Personally I would just make all of the “filter” nodes into “splitter” to clean up the clutter, and allow users to turn off the second output to save resources… In the interim, it would be nice to at least have the option of a “splitter” node version of all of the “filter” nodes.

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FYI - I have found that the Rule Based Row Splitter is the best current node for this function. For some reason I was under the impression that it did not support dates. (That must have just been a formatting mistake on my part in the earlier stages of learning the platform). Not as user friendly for date selection, but it certainly works better for me than a multi-node or component solution in most situations.

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I was sure that I filtered Date&Time columns before, so I tested it with the normal Row Filter. Didn’t work, so I was a bit confused. Glad to hear it works!

I was also sure that every Filter has a companion Splitter, but that’s not the case. A Date&Time-based Row Splitter makes sense, because the Rule-based Row Splitter is not a full substitute.

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