Need an HTML render node for Interactive Views

I just realized that KNIME lacks the ability to render an Interactive View to HTML or any other kind of sharable format… I can create some nice interactive visualizations, but I can’t just quickly share it with them.

I have always included interactive HTML files with my static emailed reports for my clients working in Alteryx. I use these for things that don’t make sense to put on a server such as “one off” custom interactive views meant for a single decision maker / small group or a data snapshot that only has use for a brief window of time. They can be viewed offline, dropped in as slides for presentations, avoid user restriction hassle and are easily shared by the client.

I have seen a few posts referencing “work arounds” with temp files, but none of them have worked on my end. (Nor are they a single clean sharable HTML with embeded data points)

I also wanted to add that I don’t believe that standalone interactive html rendering would impact KNIME server. It is somewhat limited in it’s use case to simpler presentations because of HTML size and performance issues.

In fact, I would say that opening more users and organizations to interactive dashboards would likely drive more demand toward server as companies are more likely to see the possibilities and benefits of API connections, data refreshes, advanced user controls and resource intensive granular calculations in the user interactions.