Need Assistance Tracking User Actions Based on SEO Keywords in Google Analytics 4

We recently implemented Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on our website and we’re keen on tracking user behavior based on SEO keywords. Specifically, we’re interested in identifying users who land on our site from search engine results pages (SERPs) using certain keywords and then proceed to either log in/register on our website or download our app.

We have two main tracking objectives

Tracking Users who Login/Register after Landing from SEO Keywords We’re looking to map users who arrive on our website via SEO keywords and subsequently perform login or registration actions. Our goal is to understand which specific keywords are driving these user interactions.
Tracking Users who Download the App after Landing from SEO Keywords Additionally, we want to identify users who arrive on our website via SEO keywords, download our app, and then proceed to login/register. Similar to the first scenario, we aim to attribute these app downloads to specific keywords.

We’re seeking guidance on how to set up these tracking mechanisms effectively within GA4. Any insights, tips, or recommended approaches would be greatly appreciated!

Just for my understanding, how exaclty is that related to KNIME?