Need help building my bidirectional RNN in KNIME

Hello!! I’ve done all the preprocessing steps, and I’m trying to build the architecture, over here one of the LSTM layer is for the forward reading and for the reverse reading layer, I asked ChatGPT, and it directed me to invert the dataset and feed it into the second layer, but I see no way to feed the data in like the arrow output doesn’t go into the square input, so how do I approach this? Here’s a pic for reference.

please tell me if I need to post any more pics
I’m new to ML, so excuse me if I make any beginner mistakes.

Thank you for your time

I just need the framework code so that I can proceed I keep running into way too many errors, If there is an easier code less approach then please let me know
any help would be greatly appreciated since I’m on a tight deadline.

Hi @Pradyum -

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It sounds like you might benefit from Codeless Deep Learning with KNIME | KNIME and the workflows on the Hub associated with it. It’s hard to provide much detail without knowing your use case and what you’re trying to do.

Is this for a school project perhaps?

Hello @ScottF yes, this is for a school project, I apologize for making two posts on the same topic, I just wanted to know if it was even possible to make bidirectional RNN without using python network executor i.e, codeless since when we go ahead with the keras input layer approach, I mean using keras input layer and an LSTM layer and so forth I couldn’t figure out how to tell the model to invert the data since I need to do it while using the bidirectional RNN.
So I think I should use the DL python series of nodes, but I can’t figure out a way without running into a lot of errors.