Need Help creating a table from a randomized data set

I have a a data set (see attachment Test Data.xlsx (11.4 KB)) that I need to transform into a table (see attachment Desired Output.xlsx (9.6 KB)). Normally this would be a simple operation, but the problem is the data set is not uniform.

In the test data, there are two employees and the days that their timesheets were submitted. However, sometimes there are two lines instead of one (see rows 10 and 12 in Test Data as an example). Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to sum these lines, so they have to remain separated. I need to put the employee’s name and number next to each of these lines to create the table as shown in Desired Output.

The files highlight a small portion of the data. The actual data set contains 20 (or so) employees and there are 8000 lines.

Is there anyway to do this in Knime?

Hi @alayer93 welcome KNIME forum

See this wf sampling_records.knwf (50.6 KB)

gr. Hans

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Hello @HansS, thanks for the welcome and the reply.

The wf you attached doesn’t match with the screenshot. It would be great if I could open the wf in knime to look at the nodes and the configurations. But thanks for the screenshot in the first place. I can try to figure it out, if you don’t have the wf.

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Hi @alayer93 Oeps, sorry, here is the wf create_table.knwf (99.9 KB).
gr. Hans


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