need help formatting json

so i am trying to do an api call using the get Request node which works fine
but what i get is a table with a single row that has a caolumn containing thw whole json response
i want to transform this column into an actual table but i can`t

note: i tried the json to table node it produced a lot of column containg each of the data values not an actual table

@bleak welcome to the KNIME forum. Maybe you could check out these hints. The secret is in the combination of a path definition and often an ungroup node.

Also the recent Jut KNIME It Challenge worked with this combination.

If you could upload a sampel of you data without spelling any secrets someone might have a look.


yeah thank you i figured it out now i am strugling with pagination i might need some help

i am able to use a normal for loop as in counting loop to do multiple requests but i tried using the recursion loop to feed my offset into the next cycle it didnt work

don’t know what site you are requesting but often times the pagination is a number in the url. So if you request the various pages with the number changed in the url you shoul get the result. Depending on the amount of pages you could try it potentially with one request node without a loop.

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