Need help to validate this workflow approach

Hi I am performing NLP Text Classification Prediction model in KNIME.
This is my workflow


  • Training + Test data contains 110 rows
  • Deployment data contains 30 rows
  • Initially I encountered without ‘concatenate’. Error is “ column is missing”
  • To mitigate the issue, I used ‘Concatenate’ with Union as the option. Model prediction was successful wi th 94% accuracy.


  1. Is this the expected way to solve such text classification problem with new fresh deployment data?
  2. Am I missing anything here?

Hi @tryponraj ,
I am glad to see that you are trying to build an NLP model using KNIME, but could you please share your workflow with us and let us know more about the use case or data that you are using in this workflow so that we can better understand the problem?


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