Need help with Java Visualization - Please Help!!

Hi All,

I need help in creating a moving bubble chart as shown in the link provided in the text file named “Example Chart Link” in the attached zip folder. I have found a tutorial on net on how to make this graph but the problem is it is prepared in Java and i don’t know anything about java.

Can you please help me in creating this type of chart in knime. I am ok even if you use Java related nodes (using the Java code given in tutorial) to create this sort of chart because what i wanted is to create this chart using knime. It will ok for me even if this can be done using R.

My zip attachment contains PDF file wherein Java code tutorial is given to make this chart. Also, there is a folder with contains source data for this tutorial. The text file contains the type of chart i am looking for and the excel contains my data to be used for creating this chart.

I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Viz (1.1 MB)

Best thing I could manage to come up with are bubble charts in Python with a slider moving through the times of day:

The export of the graphic was not running smoothly within Python/KNIME so I reverted to Jupyter notebook - have not tested calling that from within KNIME (should be possible now).

Whole thing relying on this Python package. There seem to be some issues. I was not able to change the sliders labelling from year to Time or something, but the work is excellent:

kn_example_plotly_bubble.knar (1.9 MB)


Hi @mlauber71,

Thank you very much for spending time on this. Though, it may not serve my purpose completely, it is a good starting point for me to take it forward.

Once again thank you very much for you help.