Need help with Numeric Score Looping

I have created a loop to tune hyperparameters prior to deploying my model, and cross validate the trained model. However, at the very end of (5) iterations, I am trying to create a concatenated / final KNIME table that contains the summary statistics for all iterations. I have tried the loop end (column append) node, but I believe that either I do not have all of the nodes or that the order is wrong. Thank you for your help in advance!

What error message are you getting? The workflow you’re showing has one start node and two end nodes. That’s likely the problem.

Agree with @rfeigel
Where is your loop start node? You normally want to have nested loop so that the inner loop first closes then the next inner and so on.
You might want to share your workflow so it is easier for the people here to help

I was actually able to resolve this issue by creating the following branch, and increasing the scope to include these nodes. Thank you to all who responded!

Saving iterative performance metrics

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