Need help with Table Row to variable start loop

Hi guys,

I have already done a cluster analysis in Kinme. I now want to filter the data by the individual clusters(with the row filter node). Afterwards I would like to evaluate these with the statistic node to get more informations within a cluster and save them in a new Excel file. One Excel file per analyzed cluster. I have no idea how to create this workflow.
I think i must create a flow variable with the table row to variable start Loop.

I’ve already tried it and this is my result:


The Excel sheet contains Customer Informations (Age, Income, …) and a column with the respective cluster.

Thank you for the help!!!

Hi @dz2709 and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

You can use Group Loop Start node to operate and save each cluster separately.

Here you can find more about loops in KNIME:



Thank you!
It works! :blush:


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