need to create custom graph plot node

Hello guys,

I need to create custom interactive Graph plot node (Charts).
please recommend tools or programming languages that can be use for make it.

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Hi and welcome -

KNIME is based in Java so that would be the mandatory choice for programming language; you could add whatever you want on top of that to get as Rube-Goldberg-as-you’d-like, of course.

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Hi @aabbaa,

if you are versed in javascript you could experiment with the Generic JavaScript View node:

this should give you an easy start.



Hi, @quaeler and @gab1one recomended to you to use Java or Javascript. However, I think that for visualization tasks python is more powerful, and you have a knime extension for python.


Hi @quaeler @krosis @gab1one , Is python plotly can work in knime ?
What’s the way to use it or that cannot ?


Yes you can use plotly in a generic javascript view. You might find inspiration here:

I don’t know if there’s an easier way with the new Plotly KNIME integration? Maybe we could get a generic ploty view where the library loading is already handled?




You can use the Python node to create custom functionality from existing Python scripts.

You can ALSO use the JavaScript Plotly library, which is already fully integrated into the platform via the Generic JavaScript View Node (see the link in @gab1one comment).

All you need to do is select the Plotly.js option from the dependencies in the dialog and the node will load the Plotly.js library into the global scope of the JavaScript you provide in the text editor (using the variable Plotly).

You can also navigate to the “Templates” tab in the Generic JavaScript View dialog and choose from three sample scripts we created to get an idea of how to start working with Plotly in the Generic JavaScipt View.

Just select the template you want to use as a starter and choose “Apply” under the Description in the bottom left of the dialog, and the node will load the template into the main text editor and select the Plotly.js dependency for you!

Hope this helps!


Thanks you all so much.
Actually,this is my internship project.
I will try for that. hope it is not too difficult !

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This is much nicer than before!