Need to remove watermark called "API Key required" on map

I have created a map using Knime which shows a watermark called “API Key required” when I use the CycleMap. Can I know how can I remove that?


First of all welcome to the world of KNIME.

Even if this map is open and can be accessed without an API key the usage must comply with the defined terms and conditions for it Terms of Service - Thunderforest

One of this terms tells you that

  • Registration is required before using any of our services.

So the most easy and simple way to get rid of the watermark is to follow that term and apply for an API key.

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Thanks @knimediger
I registered and have an API key now. Do you know where am I supposed to put this key?

This is screenshot of the map I see.

Great to hear that you’ve taken the first step.
May I ask how you create this map?
Would it be possible for you to share your workflow (you may use dummy data if required)?

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