Negate-match a regular expression in Column Filter Node?



I'm trying to exclude a column called "sortOrder" in a set of columns.  I'm specifically trying to use a regular expression instead of simply using the column filter to get rid of that column, because I've often seen that some new columns (i.e - the input data changes and has different columns) creep into that filter node and also may get excluded etc.

Anyhow, I've noticed that there's no way of negate-matching a regular expression in the Column Filter node.  Perl for example allows both positive and negative matching with regular expressions.  This node however allows just positive. 

So, I think that negative-matching would be useful :)



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You can implement this via a "zero-width negative lookahead" using (?!xxx).

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You can also manually move sortorder to the exclude list and tick the box which says force exclusion .  This way, even if the input columns change over time, they will still always be included except for sortorder column.


Thor - thank you!  It worked :) 

I know I could just manually move the one column over but for the moment, I want to use regular expressions to perform the exclusion (particularly in some cases where I have more than one column).