Neo4j graph embeddings for ML (batch mode)

The workflow describes a simple use case how Neo4j Graph Data Science and Knime algorithms can be used together.

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I just downloaded the workflow and trying to use with my neo4j database. In the neo4j connection, I selected the database named ‘model1’ and is successfully connected. But neo4j writer node query always executed on another database named ‘model2’. I have no idea why the writer node changes its database. could you help me?

Hello @melody

Unfortunately I do not have opportunity to test out the node on commercial edition, so I cannot have multiple data bases. However what I can suggest is to try out some Cypher management commands to find out the active/selected data base, and switch it if necessary:

Otherwise it is a bit hard to tell what’s wrong without further details.


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Hi everyone, thank you for the Neo4j nodes. I managed to connect Neo4j with Knime using this post and also with this Youtube video.

I was running the workflow but for some reason then it crashes, with this error: ERROR Neo4j Reader - Execute failed: javax/json/Json

Any help will be appreciated

Dear @ScottF, regarding Neo4j integration I wonder if there is still support on that extension since the @Redfield account is not active since November of 2022.

Thank you

Hello everyone, is there any news about it?

Thank you

I believe it’s still supported, although it perhaps still needs an update for 5.1. Let me ping @steffen_KNIME about that.

@Artem tagging you for awareness :slight_smile:

Hello @mauuuuu5

Could you please provide a bit more details about your problem?

  • What version of Knime AP are you using?
  • Are you able to read from the database?
  • What version of Neo4j are you using?

We are aware of problems with 5.1, but it works fine for 4.7. And we are planning to make it available for 5.1 soon.

If it is comfortable for you we can schedule a call, so I will try to help with this issue.

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Hi Artem, thank you for reaching out, I will look at the details but beforehand, the Knime AP version is the 5.1.

Thank you

Hi @Artem here are the details:

  • What version of Knime AP are you using? KNIME 5.1.0

  • Neo4j Extension? 1.01v202207061143

  • Are you able to read from the database? Yeah with these details


  • What version of Neo4j are you using? neo4j-community-5.10.0

The problem arises when I try to execute the Neo4j Writer:


Thank you

ERROR Neo4j Writer 3:56 Execute failed: javax/json/Json

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Hello @mauuuuu5

I have tested Neo4j extension on Knime 5.1. Unfortunately I had the same issue, and I could not even read from the database.

The only solution I can suggest to you at the moment is to use AP 4.7.*, I am using it everyday along with Neo4j and I have no issues. Updating the extension version for 5.1 might take a while, so I can notify you once we do this.

I am sorry for inconveniences.

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Thank you @Artem for your help, I will try the other version


Dear @mauuuuu5,

Neo4J is now available on KAP 5.1

Please let us know whether it works.

Best regards