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I have a wish for the Neo4j nodes. I use them a lot and write Cypher queries in the Script or Batch query tabs.
My wish is, if is possible to increase the font size in windows where we write the queries.

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thanks for the request! I’ll make @Artem from @Redfield aware of it.

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Hello @andrejz

Thank you for your review, we are considering updating Neo4j nodes, so we can also increase the font size in the dialog.
In case you have other ideas for improvement please share them in this thread.



Thank you for considering my wish. There are two functionalities that can be useful.
Now when there is a mistake in the cypher query we get only a message that “Some queries were not successfully executed”.
I don’t know how the node works in the background but there is the information of node and relationships labels and properties so I suppose that this information comes from the database to which is connected.
Can be other information retrieved like the errors messages when the Cypher with mistakes is executed? If this is possible please give also this information as feedback when there is an error in the executed cypher.

The second is related with the output of the nodes. The output of the writer node for example is the result of the query and the result is in JSON. In some cases will be more useful if the output is a table format. Another useful output will be the same table as the input table so we can send the same data as the input data to the next node.
Can you add this two options in the nodes.

Thank you


Hi Artem,

A few suggestions:

(After getting confused, I am going to refer to KNIME nodes as ‘knodes’ to differentiate them from Neo4j graph nodes…)

Query-modifying knodes which modify some existing CYPHER query

e.g. ‘Node Filter’ analogous to the DB Row Filter and other (KNIME - oh this could get confusing! - I figured a workaround - see above!) DB knodes which modify SQL.

I don’t know (I’ve thought about it a few times, but not actually gone anywhere with it) whether this could use the existing DB port types with a new Cypher set of DSL/DML etc or whether it is too different - I notice there are some talks scheduled in Nodes2023 which might be relevant)

This would be especially useful for those of us who are a bit of a generalist and not SQL or Cypher experts!

It would potentially also open the way to adding connectors to other graph db vendor databases and then using the same set of nodes - analogous to e.g. using a PostgresQL connector or an OracleDB connector etc

Neo4j ↔ KNIME Network port interconversion

e.g. a ‘Neo4j Cypher query reader’ node which if it returns a graph actually can output directly to a KNIME network (=graph) port? I think the reverse direction might also be useful, but equally a lot more difficult to envision how it might work - maybe a Network to Cypher knode…?

Neo4j DB selection

I think this was a new feature in the enterprise version of Neo4j 5.0 that an instance can now support multiple DBs - maybe either a Neo4j DB selector knode or an option in the actual Neo4j Connector knode. It would need to be an optional feature though, as not all of us have an enterprise version :slight_smile:

Schema support

I know… Neo4j is schema-less, but I think I saw they are introducing the option of typing/schema (again, pretty sure there’s a talk at the upcoming Nodes 2023 about this), and it is already possible to do some fixing of allowed labels and other things using Cypher - would be nice to be able to do something similar from KNIME…

Also there is a de facto schema in every Neo4j database at least as far as what node labels and connection labels are present.a simple way of reading this direct to KNIME would be a potentially useful addition.

That’s all at the moment possible in Cypher, but again one of KNIME’s strengths (and particularly with the DB integration knodes) is that it makes those sorts of operations readily accessible without remembering the relevant SQL and so also useful in the Cypher / Graph world…



There’s a really nice talk at the moment at Nodes2023 (Re-Inventing Cypher Editing: Neo4j Meets Language Servers) demonstrating massively improved autocomplete of Cypher in Neo4j web console and also in VSCode - it would be massively useful if that could be integrated into the editor:




Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback, it was helpful and we tried to consider it as much as we could. We have recently release a new (small) update for the extension, so I hope you will find it useful.

Here is the announcement:


The recording is at