Netezza driver and configuration


I am trying to find the Netezza driver in order to configure it to the database. I read about various threads about the same. But, I couldn’t get the needed information.

  1. Where do I find the JDBC driver for Netezza? (I tried IBM fix central, I am not sure about the installed version)
  2. Once I got the driver, how to connect to db and retrieve the tables?
    I highly appreciate any effort to answer this.

I have no clue about the driver and configuration. If any team members or experienced persons can give a clue, that would be great.

Hell @Braveen,

first you need to download (and possibly install) JDBC driver according to instruction from here:

Then you need to register driver within KNIME. For those instruction (and more about DB framework in KNIME) see here:


Hi @ipazin,

Firstly, I believe it was Hello not Hell. Second, Thanks for replying.
I checked the link and the IBM fix central website several times. I couldn’t locate the driver download page.

Hello @Braveen,

never done it myself so not sure. These instructions seem fine:

It was definitely supposed to be Hello first time as well :smile:



When I click download, Page returns a error saying I don’t have a support agreement. What do I do now?

Hi, Somehow I installed the driver. Now, I am facing the below error.

Execute failed: Selected JDBC driver doesn’t support the given JDBC Url

Attached the configuration window here. Do I need to change the url?

Hello @Braveen,

if above is really you configuration then you need to supply real host name, port number and database name as <host>, <port>… are only placeholders.


I am also getting error I dont have support agreement how did you fix it ?

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