Network Connection with proxy server script?

I’m behind a corporate firewall and for years I have not been able to make outside connections with Knime (load extensions etc.). Now, I just started the L2 course, and for the exercises its necessary drag and drop the respective workflows into the local workspace, which unsurprisingly doesn’t work (I didn’t find a way of just downloading these, though, d&d is the only option???), and which prompted me to look into this further.

So, I found that under Preferences > General > Network Connections I can define the proxy server that’s being used. Looking up the system proxy settings, however, they don’t point to a server address, but use a script instead:***.pac. I tried editing the proxy entries putting in the scrip address, but that didn’t fly. Is there any way to make that work (without involving IT, which is usually very unhelpful)?

I’d be pretty interested in a solution here as well.

What you might be able to do in the meantime is to open that pac file with an editor and look for the most obvious proxy address. In my company there are hundreds of very specific rules in the pac file, but in the end most of the regular outgoing ‘internet’ traffic goes through a very specific server. That’s the one I use with KNIME.
Not a perfect solution and it might cause problems elsewhere, but it might enable you to quickly get online.

Thanks for the hint, that was actually quite helpful.
Likewise, my pac file is filled with hundreds of rules, but defaults to I put that into the Knime proxy configuration, but I also had to change the update etc. server addresses (under ‘Available Software Sites’) from https to http. After that I was actually able to install an extension (yay!).
However, I’m still not able to drag&drop a workflow from the hub into my workspace (Object from URI ‘…’ couldn’t be pasted). I suspect, that object coming from an https site has something to do with it.

Btw, I just found the download button for the workflow. Took a while - but wasn’t quite obvious (to me).

Oh?! Would you mind sharing how that works? Because I never found out and I can’t drag&drop either…

@notsure: just click the download symbol (see red arrow)


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