Network Mining bug with Object Inserter node


I have a normal edge table (column 1 of nodes and column 2 of nodes) and load these into the Object Inserter node by specifying these columns in Node ID and Second Node ID column and the data is loaded in fine. This Object Inserter node is itself connected to a Network Creator node.

If I now take a second normal edge table of new node relationships (some of the nodes are mentioned in the previous table, and some are new nodes) and load these into a second Object Inserter node in the same described above there is a problem (this Object Inserter node is connected to the first Object Inserter node). It appears the additional  nodes have been inserted into the network along with the old nodes, but the old edges have been overwritten with the new edges.


Hi Simon,

thanks for the bug report. The error occurs if the objects are assigned to the same partitions e.g. the default nodes partition. The bug will be fixed with the next version of the network plugin which will be available at the end of March.