Network Mining of Schools Wikipedia


I am really interested in how the Schools Wikipedia was converted into a network of 5000 nodes and >200,000 edges which can be either in and out directed edges to the nodes, as well as there being around 15 partitions. There was never disclosed in the two example workflows.

I have seen how to generate the nodes, edges, partitions etc from the other example workflows on the Social Network Analysis but its getting the source material into the correct format to do this that I am interested in.

Is it possible to release this part as another example workflow


Hello Simon,

we have developed a node that extracts the edge and partition information from the html files into two data tables. Once the data is available as data table we used the object inserter and partition assigner to create the network.

Since the node is currently in the experimental network plugin it is not public available yet. But I can create a snapshot of the experimental plugin if you are interested in it.



It would be nice to see a snapshot to see how this works. I look forward to seeing it in the future. :-)