Network problems with R Statistics Integration nodes on Linux behind proxy

On my Linux computer the R Statistics Integration nodes do not seem to pick up KNIME’s Network Connection as defined via preferences. E.g. in order to install an R package from CRAN within an “R Source (Workspace)” node I first have to set the appropriate environment variables in the node like this:


I do have an .Renviron file with these definitions in my home directory (which is read by R if I start R in a terminal session) but this does not seem to be read when KNIME is starting up R either.

On a Windows machine behind the same proxy all of this is not an issue.

Is there a way to fix this without always having to set the environment variables as mentioned above?


Hi @mattflor,

worth to consider other options as Knime is literally a “Swiss Army Knife”. Using Palladian I fetches all sorts of information.

Kind regards

Hi @mw, I don’t understand. How would Palladian help me install R packages? Best, Matt

Hi @mattflor,

ah, I thought it’s about doing some requests via R but you actually meant that you can not install R when behind a proxy … should have read your post more carefully.


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