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Dear Knimers,

I am using the “cose” layout of the Network Viewer. When I use the “Interactive View: Network Viewer” I get the network representation that I want, but when I select “Generate Image at Outport” the outport yields a simple grid network, which (I think) represents the network before the simulated annealing. Is there a way to get the network after simulated annealing as a PNG at the outport, in other words the same view as I get in the interactive viewer?


p.s. this question specifically refers to the the “Network Viewer” node, not the “Network Viewer (local)” node.

Dear Aswin,

Thank you for pointing us to that bug. I was able to reproduce the problem and forwarded that information to our developers.



Hi @Jeany,

Now that I reread my own post I think I described the bug in an unnecessarily complex way, so I am glad you were still able to understand it!


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