hello everyone,
I am currently working on a text-mining project. The original consist of the sentences and it is planned to show the connection of words over a network. I have already tried, but can not get through it.

it looks something like this:

Document I love NY was in
"I love NY" 1 1 1 0 0
"I was in NY" 1 0 1 1 1

With the help of "Document vector"I made a binary code, so the connection to the node is created. What node can I use , so that a Netwerk will be created.

Thanks for your help

Hi Shony,
you can use the “Unpivoting” node to create an edge list which you can then use in the “Object Inserter” node to create a network (see attached workflow).

This is really cool! Thank you very much.

But one more question: what kind of node can I use to appear the selected words in a certain color , for example, negative words in red?

At first, in my workflow I have created two tables with negative and positive words ("Table creator"), the two were connected through "Concatenate" and then the colors distributed with the help of "Category to class" and "Color Manager". Is there a way in a network to show color difference?

Thanks in advance :)

You are most welcome.

I have extended the example workflow to demonstrate how to control the node color and size in the Network Viewer. In order to use color in the network viewer you have to attach a color feature to each node to color using the Feature Inserter. Once you have color features attached to the nodes you can use them for fill/outline color but also for the label and background color. For edges it is similar. Just have a look at the example.


Thank you very much! ;)