Netztransparenz Web-API

Hello all,

I am a complete beginner in the subject of Knime and API control and would like to control the web API of the homepage “Netztransparenz”. I have already invested a few hours in this and when retrieving the access token via a POST request, I always end up with the server response: Status 400 invalid request.

The description of the API (in German) can be found here: “WebAPI”.
The corresponding swagger can be found here: “Swagger UI”.

Since I don’t understand very much about this field, I need precise instructions on how to proceed.

Welcome to the KNIME Forum. Could you tell us your current configuration that yields the error? That’s going to be quicker for us than getting our own API token and trying to build something from scratch.
Kind regards


The 400 message (is it really 400?) points to an access without correct credentials.
Did you check your call(s) using the swagger page?
Do you use OAuth Specs — OAuth to login?
When I perform a call on the swagger page without Authorisation I get a 401 error.

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