New 3.6 HIVE Connector Freezes/Crashes

I’m using the HIVE connector provided by vanilla KNIME (Hive Connector) and ever since the 3.6 update, it’s been extremely slow in terms of freezing (sometimes forever) whenever I press apply or Okay on a node. It seems to be stuck on performing some action. I’m using Kerberos to validate my login. Anyone else get this issue?

Here’s a pic of my connector:

can you send me your KNIME log file via personal message to get a better idea of what the problem might be. It would be also beneficial if you turn on the Kerberos logging before sending the log file. To do so open KNIME and go to File->Preferences. In the preferences dialog go to KNIME->Big Data->Kerberos and select the “Enable Kerberos logging” option.
What KNIME version did you use before the update and did you change anything else besides KNIME e.g. the cluster setup etc.?

I used 3.5 before this started happening, it occurs whenever I modify a node connected to the HIVE Connector, whether it’s groupby, query, selector, etc. The time it freezes varies. Whenever I reset a node, it can also freeze for a long period.

Here’s a log example of when I resetted the HIVE connector node: There are about 20 subnodes connected to this.

You have “Retrieve metadata during configure” enabled in the Hive Connector. This means that in every subsequent node the SQL query is being executed during configure in order to determine the output structure. With normal databases this isn’t a problem because it’s usually really fast. However with Hive Hadoop jobs are started in the background every time and this causes a delay of several seconds each time. This is nothing that has changed between 3.5 and 3.6, though. It has always been like that. Maybe you enabled this option by accident?

This Fixes it, thanks!