New BioSolveIT nodes!

The new CoLibri nodes help you to generate your own virtual chemical spaces. Add them to your KNIME via the usual KNIME update mechanism using  or  download the entire package from our website.

Furthermore, a new 'Amazing Workflow' named BioSphere is available. This workflow provides you with all tools to build and search chemistry spaces based on user-defined reactions and your own reagents. . It includes already a space generated by us with over 100 medchem-reactions comprising altogether >45 billion virtual products for searching.

Last but not least you will find some improvements on the existing nodes, especially for SeeSAR.


We hope that you like our new tools! Please feel free to get in touch if you find them useful in your work or have suggestions for improvement.

Kind regards,


We just updated our KNIME nodes for you. Recent highlights are the integration of FTrees 3.0 and the latest SeeSAR 5.4! Install them using