New Chart Nodes: Selecting Title to replace it moves cursor upon typing


there is a very annoying bug in the new chart nodes. When I select the entire title and start typing, the string is not replaced as anticipated but the first keystroke is registered and then the cursor is moved causing gibberish to get entered.

Here is the screen recording.


Hey Mike,

yes this is a super annoying bug, but sadly out of our control, as this is a chrome bug (Chromium). It seems this was fixed with a chrome version 120+, but we are currently still on 116. We will soon move to a 120+ version which should fix this problem (Sadly won’t make it in time for the 5.3 release).
We also tried a lot of workarounds, but so far none of these seemed to work for us. We have an internal ticket, but most likely we need to wait for the newer browser version. (internal reference: UIEXT-823)



Hi Daniel,

thanks for your feedback and quite honestly, I am relieved to see Knime uses a fairly recent version. Have seen it so many times that 3rd party versions are ignored, increasing the dev-dept to unreasonable amounts that often it’s decided to better not touch it.

I added my +1 on the bug you linked. Have a nice evening :beers:


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