New component: Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) filter

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Just wanted to share a couple of new components I have built to simplify feature elimination in a regression. They calculate Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) and apply backward feature elimination on a set threshold of VIF. They are available on KNIME Hub:

Some background on Multicollinearity and VIF values:
Multicollinearity occurs when two or more columns are correlated among each other and provide redundant information when jointly considered as predictors of a model. VIF is used to diagnose the extent of multicollinearity within predictors of a model. For instance, a VIF of 3 tells us that the variance of a column is 3 times larger than it would be if that column was fully uncorrelated with all other predictors. As a rule of thumb, columns with VIF higher than 5 should be removed as predictors of a model in order to reduce dimensionality while minimizing collinearity (James et al., 2014). If two variables display a similar VIF factor as they are correlated to each other, you should eliminate first the one that has less business meaning in the context of your exercise.

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James, Gareth, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, and Robert Tibshirani. 2014. An Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in R. Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated.

Nice! I know we have had some folks wishing for a more “KNIMEy” way of calculating VIFs, so these components should come in handy. Thanks for uploading them to the Hub!

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I ran it and keep getting warnings about “Can’t calculate Mean Absolute Percentage error: target value is 0”. And it specifies a row associated with the warning. What does this mean?