New DB nodes not reading tables


I’m looking into the new DB nodes in the KNIME Labs. After a bit of trial and error, I managed to get connected to our SQL server. The issue is that about none of our tables are returned and I cannot read from the tables in the database. The user that I connect with has full dbo access and doesn’t have any issues reading data with the current database nodes.

The error descriptions are also not in English:
ERROR DB Query Reader 0:19 Execute failed: Objectnaam ‘dbo.tblDHColl’ is ongeldig.
Any ideas?
I really want to use these new nodes as it would speed up just about all my workflows as just about all of them reads/writes to SQL and being able to execute mutiple reads and writes at the same time will be fantastic.

Hi there!

Not sure about error but these new DB nodes are still not for production. That is why they are in Labs…

But if you insist go for it :slight_smile:


Sounds as Oracle issue not KNIME one.

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