New Excel Reader node having issues with Reevaluate formulas

Hi everyone, I’m trying to update my workflow with 4.3.1 nodes and I’m seeing an issue with the Excel Reader node. It looks like the node is having trouble reading formulas - see example below. The old Excel Reader node didn’t have this problem, so I’m not sure what to do. Has anyone had this issue?

4.3.1 Excel Reader Error

4.2 Excel Reader works fine

An update: I tried unchecking some boxes and found unchecking two of the boxes seemed to fix the issue.

Uncheck Skip Hidden Columns

Uncheck Reevaluate Formulas

Hello elohbeck,
can you give us more details about the formula or content of the problematic cell or even share the first row of the Excel file as Excel file to reproduce the problem if it does not contain any sensitive information?


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