New Excel writer having problems with evaluate formulas

Hi everyone,

seems like the new Excel Writer is having problems with the evaluate Formula option. Always getting the error: Execute failed: Row 0 has been flushed, cannot evaluate all cells.

When I try to do the same with the deprecated Excel writer everything works fine.

Any solution or idea would help! :slight_smile:


Hi @DavidW,

do you have an example table / workflow with the problem?
Which knime version are you using - 4.4.1?

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Yes we are using 4.4.1 and here a simple example with some randome Data. (Need to change FilePath)Evaluate.knwf (296.6 KB)

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@DavidW indeed with your data there seems to be a problem with the evaluation of formulas. On my Mac this also exists with the old Excel writer. If you choose .XLS in the new writer it does work. Not sure if this provides any comfort.

@Iris / @ScottF this might be a problem with the Excel writer


Hi everyone -

This definitely looks like a bug. I’ve created a ticket to let the dev team know (AP-17559).

Thanks @DavidW and @mlauber71 for the example workflows!


Hi all -

This bug was addressed in 4.5.1, released today. Please let us know if you continue to run into problems here. Thanks!


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