New Excel Writer - use variable for output file path and name?

Has anyone tried the new Excel Writer and Excel Reader nodes using a variable for the output file path and filename? I’m unable to select session variables and use them like we did on the deprecated Excel Sheet Appender and Excel Reader. Thoughts?

I’ve uploaded a view of the deprecated Excel Appender(writer) and the new Excel writer for reference. Just can’t select existing variable that is set with the file path and filename which was used in the deprecated write. Can we get the same ability to use existing variables added to the new Excel writer? Please :slight_smile:


@Terry99s welcome to the KNIME forum.

Have you tried converting the string-path to the new path variable format?

I toyed around with that and it mostly would work.

One problem I noticed was with the Excel reader and special paths like URI where there might be a bug that is currently being investigated (request 18169).


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