New Feature Request: Log of Knime Workflow



I use KNIME for my Audit Analysis.

One essential requirement for an auditor using electronic tools to analyse data is to provide an electronic audit trail, the credibility of which will not be questioned. It is essentially a history/log of audit steps.

By any chance is it possible to have a log of the Knime workflow starting from the moment a new workflow was launched, naming of the project and so on (including change of node settings) till saving of the workflow, with the timestamp.

If it is not possible right now, any work is underway in this aspect?



Hello Narmadha,

This feature does not yet exist but I opened a feature request for it.

Meanwhile you could have a look at the general logfile ({workspace}/.metadata/knime/knime.log).


Hello Narmadha,

(I have no idea why would this be useful, but I only have limited imagination, so I am not going to argue the usefulness of that.) The closest current approximation would be I think the resulting PMML model. It can contain the preprocessing steps, the result of the learning, maybe some parameters of the learning are also available for certain learner methods in the model. As an approximation, I would save that as a "semi-audit".


Edit: Actually a more detailed audit might be saving -and archiving or pushing to a version control system- the autosaved workflows.

Cheers, gabor

I agree with Narmadha.

From an audit perspective tracking all steps is essential. That why a lot of audit companies use software like ACL and IDEA

Hi all,

As iiiaaa says, it is essential to track all the audit steps.

From a KNIME vs IDEA perspective, KNIME does everything that IDEA is capable of except a few things like Monetary Unit Sampling, Workflow log etc., It is obviously understood that IDEA is designed for audit.

However, if KNIME can have these one or two audit specific essential features, nothing like it. KNIME is far ahead than IDEA.

Looking forward to a solution from KNIME.

Thanks all.


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Hi All,

I am new user of KNIME.Just installed on my system.

I just started & learnt how to connect nodes.But, was not able to link or find /Knime/IrisDataset/data.all URL to configure File Reader Node.


Please provide solutions.


Mukesh Garg

Where are we on this feature? Highly requested within my organization, especially within our Quality Management team


I am also looking for this feature in Knime !


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Hi there @sudheerkopparapu,

have added +1 to feature request. (internal reference: AP-5767)



Hi Narmada,

I am also looking for this feature in KNIME ! Are you able to identify any workaround for the same in the meantime. It would be of great help if you can share your thoughts on this.

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Hello @shivani and others,

With KNIME version 4.2.0. there is Workflow Summary feature. Can you check does it come close to your needs?

Also have added +1 on the above mentioned ticket.