New Find&Select Column option in some nodes


While working with hundreds of column, I’m encountering similar challenges while using Match Formula, String Manipulation, Row Splitter nodes or similar: I can’t find and select appropriate column easily.

Some nodes, like Column Filter, have an option to exclude/include columns. In fact, this enable user to find the column and select, no matter what the input sequence of columns is.

Currently, I’m using Column Resorter nodes to sort columns in alphabetical order, however even this doesn’t eliminate the need to scroll down and up. All in all, this workaround works, however is not very elegant and efficient.

Would it be possible to have additional find/select functionality for the nodes mentioned above?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Kazimierz -

It’s an interesting idea, and on that’s come up before I believe. As you’ve noted, very wide datasets can present additional complications when trying to configure things. I’ll see if I can find an existing ticket for this one.


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Hi @ScottF
Thank you for your follow-up.

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In the absence of a feature like this, is it possible to configure the width of the drop-down selection lists to display the full name of columns/variables?

As highlighted by @Kazimierz, the location/selection of columns becomes quite challenging when dealing with large tables and is only made harder by the fact that long column names cannot be read without constant left/right scrolling (refer screenshot).