New JChemExtension 1.3.5

Infocom launches "JChemExtensions ver 1.3.5"

Infocom is pleased to announce a new release of JChem Extensions 1.3.5, which allows researchers to deal with chemical structure data using ChemAxon’s software tools such as Marvin, JChem, Standardizer, on the KNIME open source workflow platform.

This version supports ChemAxon's JChem ver 5.1.2 and includes new
fifteen nodes. New added nodes mainly support some ChemAxon's plugins
besides "Markush enumeration node" which can generate a whole or a subset
of the library of a generic Markush structure in patent claims.

For academic customer, INFOCOM had offered the limitation version.
Now they can use all of "JChem Extensions" free of charge .

More information:

【New features in version 1.3.5】

■ Support JChem Ver 5.1.2
■ New nodes:
- Charge
- Orbital Electronegativity
- Polarizability
- Geometry
- Molecular Surface Area
- Polar Surface Area
- Topology Analysis
- H Bond Donor/Acceptor
- Huckel Analysis
- Refractivity
- Markush Enumeration
- ChemicalFingerprint
- Fragmentrer
- MultipleMolImporter

Evaluation and more information: