New KNIME Hub release on

It has been a while since we did a release on!
So it’s time again we get some of the new features out into the world:

1. Search default sort is now by likes
As long as you are just browsing through the tags and landing pages we will always show the most liked items on top. We want to help you, by showing the most relevant items immediately and reduce duplicates. You can now help us to improve the search orders, use the :heart: whenever you like a node, so it will move towards the top of the searches.
Example here.

We also improved the instant search, with more improvements coming shortly.

2. Autocomplete when adding users as contributors to spaces

No more having to remember the exact username when adding a contributor, we can now autocomplete it when you type it in.
You can try this out in your public spaces.

3. Improved onboarding

To help new KNIME Hub users to try out a bit more of the advanced features, we added an onboarding progress bar. This is only visible to new KNIME Hub users.

We would love to hear your feedback! And of course also let us know features you are missing, or if you have any questions.

More information how to use KNIME Hub, you can also find here.


What would be great would be to sort by number of downloads. For some very popular workflows that appear several times that would be a great option

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Thank you good suggestion! We plan to add more advanced filters and sort options which you also can configure to your needs. We started out with likes as all of our items on the Hub can be liked, but we don’t have downloads for our nodes and extensions :slight_smile:


@tschmidt Thank you for the information. The problem with the “Kudos” approch currently is that there are very vew likes/kudos given on the hub. So for most searches and workflows it does not make much difference. Especially if you search for items that have been covered by KNIME lectures and a lot of people copy to there space on the KNIME hub you get a lot of hits that basically give you the same workflow but you are not sure which one is the original and if it is in its original state.

The number of downloads (which is shoen next to every workflow) would mitigate that. Or you might give flags (or preference) for ‘official’ WF or such created by KNIME team members or the like.

Right now the Kudos sorting option is nice but in most cases useless until people start giving likes :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback! In general we have been seeing likes used quite steadily and increasingly on the KNIME Community Hub so they are showing up more and more everywhere.

That being said, as mentioned before this is just a first step, we also plan to offer more additional sort options and we will keep improving the search results in other ways too! Hope that helps!


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