New KNIME Hub release on

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce a new KNIME Hub release on!

What’s noteworthy this time?

  • You will now get an email notification when you are added or removed from a space. Don’t worry, you can also unsubscribe from those notifications via your new personal KNIME Hub settings page!
  • We improved the search results, especially the ones in the autocomplete. More tweaks to be released soon!
  • … and some more minor fixes!

More to come soon!


@tschmidt thank you for this upgrades. What would really help in addition would be to upgrade the options to sort results. Sorting by Kudos is good. Problem is: nearly no one is giving Kudos so the sorting option is either useless or might bringt just the one entry to the top that happens to have a like.

Especially when you deal with each results that give back lots of the same workflows that people would have copied to their own hub spaces from courses etc. it makes it hard to identify the ‘official’ one or the possible best one. One solution would be to use the number of downloads in addition which is already being displayed at every workflow - so it should easily be available.

Another option would be to mark certain workflows as being official or having a priority.

I am looking forward to test the spaces functions you recently mentioned. Additional search options might greatly help with finding good workflows.


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