New KNIME Reporting... say Hi!

Hey Hey,

We have exciting news for those who were looking for an easy-to-use reporting solution in KNIME. By releasing KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1, we have also released the new KNIME Reporting (Labs) extension which in addition to the new nodes, adds an option to the layout editor of your composite views to enable “Report Output” which then adds a report ouput port to your component. You can connect this port to the new Report PDF Writer (Labs) node to export your composite view as a PDF file.

Do you want to find out how to use the new KNIME Reporting extension? Check this blog post:

Want to see more example workflows of the new KNIME Reporting (Labs) extension? Check the KNIME Community Hub.

The team is committed to continue working on this extension to bring it out of KNIME (Labs) in a future version. More work will go into adding more functionality around advanced styling, supporting more output formats or the ability to embed additional charts, e.g. created by Python or R. At this point we are interested in your feedback and ideas here. If you have any questions along the way, you can of course always post here in the forum.

We’re excited to see the new reports that will be created with the KNIME Reporting (Labs) extension! What will you create? Please add the “KNIME Reporting” tag to your workflows and share them on KNIME Hub.



Knime’s effort towards functional aspects to have aesthetics appeal is good move. This gives an egde to low code tools …The Reportign in knime has way to go… especially the various container payout, designer fonts, selective palettes, Bans ( Big ass numbers for designers headers / reports ) .
keep up the good works. :clap:t5: :clap:t5:


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