Hi Everyone,

I prefer using the classic user interface when building a workflow. I am also creating a fool-proof documentation on how to use knime, and build workflow using the classic UI view. With the new KNIME user interface, do you know if there is a plan to eliminate the classic user interface? Because that would impact the documentation that I am currently creating.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jeff,
At the moment there are no plans to remove the classic user interface. Why do you prefer to build a workflow in the classic user interface?

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Hi, @schramm
My issue is exactly the opposite of Jeff’s.
I have much recently upgraded from 4.7 to 5.2 version of Knime, which, by the way, seems much heavier on my machine than the previous version.
And I was much used to the classic User Interface, which worked very well to my needs.
But now I simply can’t find some resources on the new Menu. For instance, I wish to have (once again) the option to work with uncurved connections, which had given me better possibilities to design and display my workflows.
Can you (or other member of Knime’s team) help me with the usage of the new resources? I feel a little lost to find some features with the new appearence.
Thanks for all your help.