New material for KNIME Time Series Analysis Course

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Did you know that we ran a brand new Time Series Analysis course at KNIME Fall Summit in Austin this year? If you are curious to learn more about what you might have missed (or not), check out the course page!

As already mentioned in some discussions at Fall Summit and emails, we are eager to release the material produced by Rosaria Silipo, Corey Weisinger, and Daniele Tonini. Please use the slides and workflows as a starter kit to deliver a course or use it as an inspiration for your own take on time series analysis! Please, let us know what you think and find the material at

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PS: If you are and academic or educator and can’t access this link, please send me a message or send an email to so that we can grant you access to our Training Material sections.


Hi @stelfrich, thanks for the heads-up!

When trying to access that link, I get:

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

Could you give it another try, @imagejan? I have unlocked you for the Training Materials category…


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Thanks a lot for giving me access! Is there a specific reason why this material is not fully open-access? I would start referring people to this resource if it were open.

Hi @stelfrich, totally support question from @imagejan.

How can one who is not educator yet get access to the Training Materials category?

Hi @imagejan, @alex_never,

The idea of this category was/is to create a “safe space” for lecturers, where they can feel comfortable to also share exam questions or student projects that they don’t want to leak to the public. Since we didn’t want to introduce too many categories at once, we just went for this one to see how things work out.

Since we are already discussing how sharing of training material will work in future, I’ll take your suggestion into the next meeting! Will keep everyone posted (potentially in a new topic).

There is also


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Can you unlock me as well?

You should have access now!

PS: @Learn2019 is a lecturer at a US university (in case anyone was wondering).

If it is still possible to get access for me, will be appreciated!

Same, would like access if possible.

Dear @stelfrich,
Could you please unlock me as well?

Dear @stelfrich, I am a professor teaching Business Analytics courses and I am interested in using Knime for teaching. Could you please unlock me for the Training Materials category? Thanks a lot,

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