New node for multi column String Replacer?


After the much needed Multicolumn Maths node, I would greatly appreciate a Multicolumn String Replacer node so that I don’t have string many String Replacer noses together or set up a loop.

It was also asked for back in 2011 with other users commenting on wanting this feature.




instead of multiple String Manipulation Nodes you could also use the new Column Expressions Node that provides all functions of the String Manipulation Node.

Edit: Sorry I misread the post. The thing you could do is to write your expression and copy it for all columns, which is somehow tedious but maybe a bit better than using several String Manipulation nodes.
What you can do to make it easier is to use your functions of a variable (say ‘col’) and in the first row assing ‘col’ the specified column. For example:

col = column(0)

Then you would have to change only the first line for each column, which pays of if you have a complex function reusing the same column over and over again.



For whole-table text operations, you can use R or Python snippets.
Nevertheless, a Multi Column String Replacer would be better.