new node with a new name but the same package


I have created a node with a new name but the same package of a previous node (org.MySplitter_1.0.0.jar). If i simply overwrite this file in dropins, knime prints an error related to the previous version and the new node doesn't appear into the node repository. How can i delete all the information about the previous node?

(If i change the name of the package all work correctly...)


Don't use the dropins folder, these are exactly the problems that can happen with it. Use a proper update site and features in combination with the update manager instead (see and the linked pages for details). Also don't forget to increase your version numbers whenever you make changes to a plug-in.

Thanks for the reply.

I have followed this guide:

I can't charge the plugin created into knime with the update manager.

A solution may be to change the version of the plugin but i do not know how.



Back when we were using the dropins folder we ran accross similar issues. We found that if you close KNIME, delete the droping, load KNIME, close KNIME add your new jar and load KNIME the new code should be seen. 

This was only needed when we hadn't incremented the version number. 

In your plugin.xml on the Overview tab there is a version: in the top left, you can increment your version number here. If you add .qualifier to the end it will put a timestamp on the build meaning you will allways generate a higher version when building the jar even if the version number is still 1.0.0.qualifer. 

I've added a print screen of an example plugin I've built.

We have since moved to building an eclipse P2 site though, this is much easier to manage than the dropins folder.





It's perfect, thanks =)