New Node Wizard is missing after following the eclipse installation

Hi, I followed the instruction under the link
to install the eclipse for KNIME. But I couldn’t find the New Node Wizard for generating new programs. What disappoints me is that, it points out in the document that
Alternatively, you can install the KNIME New Node Wizard into your Eclipse Installation from our Update site (Category: KNIME Development).
Then I followed the link On this page it suggests again that I should go
This Eclipse plugin to create new KNIME nodes for KNIME Analytics Platform, also known as New Node Wizard , can easily be installed as instructed here.

I clicked it again…However, it just goes back to the page for the eclipse installation I have seen before… There is no such instruction to guide how to import the New Node Wizard on my side.

I get lost in the link connections. I wonder, if there is an instruction to tell how to import the New Node Wizard into Eclipse, so we can use it to create new nodes in KNIME??
If there is, could it be possible that simply put it into the directly in this link … So it becomes easilier to find it ?

Hi KFDing,

Thanks for pointing it out. Yup, it seems neither of the two pages explain in detail how to install the New Node Wizard into Eclipse. What you have to do is:

  1. Open Eclipse’s plugin installation wizard at “Help -> Install New Software…”
  2. If you haven’t done so already, add the KNIME Update site to your list of repositories (by pressing the “Add” button and entering the link
  3. Select the site in the drop-down menu labelled “Work with:”
  4. Search for the “KNIME Node Wizard” and install it by pressing “Next >”

I’ll see if we can add a more verbose description to our site.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the instruction!! It helps a lot!

Great this discussion exists as the docs are still lacking… please update the documentation.

There should be some place where full instructions on how do develop a new node are placed. Right now getting started on developing a new node is painful.

Also, this is what I did, which allows me to access the New Node Wizard from KNIME (run by Eclipse). I don’t even know if it’s the right way to run it.
By digging a little around I found that the .target definition must be changed for the “New Node Wizard” to appear when launching the KNIME workbench (using Eclipse). You need to:

  • Click the edit button
  • Click KNIME Node Wizard
  • Click Finish (which will close the window)
  • Click "Reload Target Platform”
  • Then launch KNIME using that is stated in the SDK Setup link (Second link): “Right click on the file KNIME Analytics Platform.launch and select Run As → KNIME Analytics Platform .”
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This issue of the missing “New Node Wizard” is haunting me again with the upgrade to KNIME SDK 4.2. These are all the steps I’ve been following:

  • Open Eclipse’s plugin installation wizard at Help → Install New Software…
  • Add the KNIME Update site to your list of repositories:
  • Select it in the drop-down menu labeled Work with
  • Search for “Wizard” to find the KNIME Node Wizard and install it
  • Restart KNIME SDK
  • Update the Target Definition
    • Open from within org.knime.sdk.setup
    • Reload Target Platform
    • Edit Target Definition
    • Select KNIME Node Wizard
    • Click Finish (which will close the window)
    • The “KNIME Node Wizard 4.3.0v202011191417” should now appear in the list of locations used to collect plug-ins for this target definition
    • Save the Target Platform and click “Reload Target Platform” (again)
    • Restart (again)

You can see in the attached screenshot that the KNIME Node Wizard is included in the Target Definition. But it is not appearing in the “Ctrl-N” list of Wizards. Should this wizard have been included in the default Target Platform? What am I doing wrong?

KNIME New Node Wizard 002

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Hi @Edlueze,

Thank you for letting us know about this, we will investigate, in the meantime you can do what I am always doing, just copy the code from an existing node to get started with a new one, I haven’t used the wizzard in years.