New release - 1.7.0

We have today updated the nightly build to a new version - 1.7.0.

The main change is the retirement of the original version of our PDB connector node, after around 4 years of service.

We have replaced it with a new version, which has a number of features, including handling list column returns from the report query.

The re-working of the code has allowed us to split the three parts of the original node (Query Building, Query Execution and Report generation) and the nodes available have now been increased to reflect this (for convenience, all sensible combinations of the above - 6 nodes - are included in the update, and all share the PDB  Connector name stem - hopefully the rest of the names are obvious!)

Additionally, we now have added a 'PDB Connector Combine XML Queries' node, which allows the combining of advanced queries (simple or complex) with either AND or OR logic, allowing the generation of more complex queries than the node or the RCSB website currently allow.

Finally, we have added two new nodes querying the RCSB PDB 'Describe Hetereogens' and 'SMILES Query' webservices.

For full details of the changes see here -

The changes have involved some significant code refactoring, and will now be installed in a new plugin within the Vernalis feature (com.vernalis.knime.pdbconnector)

We plan to migrate these changes to the stable builds in a few days time.  Hopefully, nothing should break which already works, and the new nodes should work even better than before!  Please let us know of any problems asap.



The stable builds for v3.1 and 3.2 have now been updated across to the new version of the Vernalis plugin too - v 1.7.0. For full details of the changes see here -


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