New reporting: Bug in report

It seems that the new reporting has some small features or bug:
I was creating a report having enough data for several pages.

  • The first page looks quite good. But I’m missing the footer which I defined. That footer is only available on the last page. Would be great to have a footer on all pages (e.g. for page numbering)
  • In the upper part of page 2&3 the header and data lines are “mixed up”. It seems that this is a part of the first page’s data
    The header of the pages 2&3 are not formatted in the same style as in page 1. On page 1 the header is coming with a grey background, but not on the other pages

Hi @knimediger,

Thank you for your feedback. Is it possible for you to provide us more details:

  • An example workflow or a screenshot of an example report
  • KNIME version and your OS
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Sorry for the late response. I was out for some days without access to my KNIME installation.

So here is the requested information:

  • KNIME Version
    Welcome to KNIME 5.2.0
  • OS
    Ubuntu 23.04 (64bit)
    Kernel Linux 6.2.0-39-generic
  • Sample of a report
    It’s just a two page report. But it shows also the reported issues with the header and mixture with data
    report.pdf (17.5 KB)

I’m still fiddeling with this stuff as I urgently need to improve my report. And what I see on this journey is a more and more strange and inconsistent behaviour of the reporting nodes.

I would like to have a dynamic header (including date information). So I created the header string and passed it via variable to the workflow. The text view for the header was changed from a fixed string (defined in that node) to the variable.

Now I see two layout changes:

  1. I’m unable to format the header, it is written in a very small font.
  2. In parallel the above mentioned issue with the headers on the top of the page (not with grey background on page 2 ff.) is gone. That makes no sense to me.
    Jumping back to the fixed text the issue is also back again.

Edit: Added Test_Reporting_for_Forum.knwf (68.1 KB) a sample workflow to show the behaviour.

Any idea what goes wrong here?

Hi @knimediger and sorry for the delay,

If you apply a text style to a paragraph in the Text View node, it will affect the value of any flow variable you have included in the paragraph as well. So, add the flow variable like this:
and then apply a text style from the kebab menu on top right of the node’s dialog.

Unfortunately, the Excel Reader is configured using an absolute path and I can not run the workflow. Would you update your example workflow and include some sample data?

Thank you for that information. I will try that

Sorry for attaching the wrong workflow. That Workflow (34.2 KB) should work now with some fixed dummy data.


I just tested the stuff with the headline and I finally got it working. The head line is in bold and bigger.
But then again I see the problem with table data on the top of the next page.

Looks like an issue with the bigger text in the header of the report. If the height is greater than normal text the calculation of the number of lines is struggling and returning too many lines.

Yes, I see.
In the example workflow, you have all the views in the same “Row” in the layout.
Would you try to put the header in a separate row and see if the problem persists?

Thanks for pointing me to that. It helped to get the table lines in the body only.

Unfortunately I need to correct that statement: I’m still struggling to get a flow variable formated.
What I was able to achieve is:

  • change from fixed text to the content of a variable
  • change back to fixed text (and that keeps the content of the variable)
  • change the format for fixed text via the hamburger / kebap menu

When selecting dynamic text using a flow variable I do not see the hamburger / kebap menu any more. So no chance to change the format :frowning:

Don’t assign the flow variable for the whole content. Just add the variable to the text input field manually:

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Thanks, that solved also this issue.
Now I have the report that looks mostly as required.


I’m glad I could help. If you have any feedback or ideas to make the KNIME Reporting even better, please share here:

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