New reporting: How to format the report?

I’m playing around with the new reporting tools in KNIME.

Unfortunately the usage is not that straight forward as I hoped. It does not work as easy as the BIRT stuff (but BIRT does not work any more on my new installation :frowning: ).
After lots of trials I’m able to create a simple report containing a head line and a simple table.

Now I would like to improve the look&feel of this output.

  • I would like to separate the head line and the table with a simple horizontal line. How can I do this?
  • What is the way to format the header to have the text in bold of in bigger size?
  • The table contains a column with the date and three more with text. In the standard all cols are having the same width. I found a possibility to adapt the witdh of each column based on header and data (in the first rows. Unfortunately this reduces also the columns width of the text cols and does not use the full page with any more. How can I define the width of each cols (e.g. in % of the page width)?
  • Furthermore I would like to indicate table values by formatting the line accordingly. How can I achieve this simple feature?
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After fiddeling around for longer time with this quite simple report I was able to find a few answers.

  • Vertical bar under headline
    Open the dialog of the text view. Move the cursor to the end of the text. You need to select “divider” from the hamburger menue (right hand side)
  • Change font style in headline
    Open the dialog of the text view. You need to select “Text style” from the hamburger menue (right hand side). Using the drilldown in the menue it’s possible to change the font styles

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