New TIBCO Spotfire nodes released!

Dear All,

Firstly to introduce myself - I work for TIBCO Spotfire in the data science team. I work as a Spotfire consultant, data and systems integration specialist and software developer.

I am very excited to announce that I released new versions of the TIBCO Spotfire integration nodes last week! The nodes are as follows:

  1. Information Link Reader - reads data from the Spotfire information model
  2. SBDF File Reader - reads data from Spotfire Binary data files. Can read data from the local file system or from SBDF files saved in the Spotfire library
  3. STDF/SBDF File Writer - writes data files in the Spotfire Binary or Text Data file formats. Can write to the local file system or to the Spotfire library - this is very useful for sharing business data amongst colleagues!

Note: you will need these nodes if you use the Infomatix Spotfire connector.

To install:

  1. Help -> Install New Software...
  2. Add a new repository... The URL is:
  3. Choose the Spotfire File Nodes extension
  4. Next... Next... etc., until you complete the wizard, accepting installation of unsigned software, etc... KNIME will most likely want to restart when the installation is complete
  5. Once done, you should see a separate TIBCO category in the node browser

Please reply to this post if you have any questions/suggestions/bug reports!


Pleased to hear about new Spotfire nodes. I see they are focused mainly on the SBDF/STDF formats. I am a KNIME and TIBCO spotfire user, but mainly use csv files to load data into Spotfire, often writing a CSV file from KNIME after manipulating the data in a workflow. I have two main questions:

1. Can you say a bit about the advantages of using SBDF or STDF vs CSV?

2. Are there any plans to have a node which directly lauches Spotfire client from KNIME? This was available before and was very useful.

Many thanks,


Hi Andrew,

Is there by any chance a 3.x release as well? If so, which URL should I add?

Many thanks

Sorry for the late replies! I don't check this part of the forum too often.

1. Can you say a bit about the advantages of using SBDF or STDF vs CSV?

Yes - SBDF and STDF are strongly typed. So you don't need to explicitly set the types when you transfer the files between the systems. In addition, SBDF files are binary. They are compressed, so they take up a lot less space/take less time to transfer, etc. than text encoded files

2. Are there any plans to have a node which directly lauches Spotfire client from KNIME? This was available before and was very useful.

I can add it to the list to do. It's useful to know that you found it useful before.

3. Is there by any chance a 3.x release as well? If so, which URL should I add?

I have tested the nodes with version 3.1.1 and all functionality works as it should. Just use the same URL as above.



Hi Andrew,


I am  from TIBCO ,Working as a spotfire developer need to know where i can download spotfire KNIME connector or SPK. I tried to search but no luck. I have KNIME setup in my local machine and understand workflows n all.

I want to test workflow in Spotfire which we create in KNIME server . Can you please help me out on this.

You can reach me out at my email

I appriciate your help.


Best Regards,

Niraj kesarwani


Hi All,


 Trying to setup KNIME extension and integrate in spotfire. Had deployed spk in server but not able to see plugin in spotfire client . I can see KNIME extension in server installed successfully.  But when Spotfire desktop client updates KNIME extension it doesnt download updates.

So my question is this issue related to client version in which it deployed and updates or else.

Can you please help me out to setup this environment.

Installed KNIME: 3.2

Spotfire server :7.0.1

Spotfire Client: 7.0

Thanks in advance.



Niraj Kesarwani 

Hi Niraj,

Sorry for the delay - I don't often check this forum.

Did you solve this issue? Have you deployed to the right deployment area and connected to that deployment area with your desktop client?

It should check for new components when you log in. I see you're at TIBCO - contact me over there and I'll see if I can help.


All! Exciting news - we just released new versions of the Spotfire/KNIME nodes!

They are compatible with Spotfire 6.0 and above. Specifically, these nodes have been updated to be compatible with Spotfire 7.5 and later versions. New security was implemented in Spotfire 7.5 which required rework.

Other bugs fixed:

Inability to read and write to the Spotfire library in the same workflow

Unable to use currency and some other data types


Dear Andrew, 

I'm using TIBCO Spotfire nodes version to contact TIBCO Spotfire Server 6.5/7.9.

I ran into a bug with the URL string: if you don't specify port number for "https://" scheme, then the node appears to be contacting port 80 instead of 443 on the destination server. I noticed such behaviour after seeing a SSL error trace in the KNIME console and re-checked it via Wireshark to confirm. I think this is a minor but may bring serious confusion into user experience, since the "httpS" scheme usually implies port 443 by default.

Thank you.

When trying to import the Spotfire File Extensions I receive the following error:
Could not query updates site for missing extensions
No repository found at
I know this post is old, so I am questioning if the extensions are not supported by the latest version of KNIME? Here is the link for the extension: Spotfire File Nodes – KNIME Hub
Thanks in advanced for any assistance.

Hi there,

As it happens, a new version of the nodes was released at the weekend, explicitly supporting KNIME 4.6.

The update site URL is:

Perhaps you have entered it incorrectly? Yes - that appears to be the case…

You can read more about the KNIME/Spotfire nodes here:

Please contact me via in any case, as I would like to track users of the nodes, so I can be aware of issues and notify you when new versions are released.


Andrew (TIBCO Software)