New to Knime - Creating a report

Hi there,

Today is my first time using Knime, and I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction.

I would like to use Knime to create a report that’s output is an Excel file that is attached to an email, and a table that is embedded within an email.

I’m guessing that it should be possible to create the Excel file as an output, but do you know if it is possible to embed a table in MS Outlook? At the moment the work is done by lots of macros, so I think that using Knime will make the job a lot quicker, but I might not be able to create a ready to send email.

Any advice would be fantastic.


Hi @Earl983nfn,

have a look at the excel nodes (Excel Writer, Excel Sheet Appender) and the Send Email node.

However, I think it is only possible to write table data to the excel file (so no fancy colors, formatting etc). If that is enough for you, then I would advise you to compose the data write it to an excel file and then send it with the Send Email node.

If you want to create more sophisticated reports you can have a look at Reporting in KNIME. There are two options BIRT (open source but hard to learn) and Tableau (easier but commercial).