New to KNIME facing issues using MongoDB Reader need help

Dear Friends,

I am very new to KNIME and trying to connect MongoDB through MongoDB reader to extract few data from the collection.

But I am receving the below error:
“ERROR MongoDB Reader 2:1 Execute failed: Cannot parse query:db.getCollection(‘callingbatchdetails’).count()”

Able to successfully execute the above query through MongoDB.

Please help…

Can anyone guide where am i going wrong in using the MongoDB reader component

I only gave the MongoDB nodes a quick attempt a while ago, but as far as I remember you can only perform .find() operations. As they don’t support aggregation queries either, I’m not sure whether there’s any viable workaround.

Without wanting to sound harsh, but I found them hardly usable for any real-world use cases.

– Philipp

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For the .find() operation also receiving the same error.

Is that i am missing anything

is there any other alternative available in KNIME through which i can connect to MongoDB.

The node’s description states that it uses Jongo as the query language which is different from the Mongo shell language.

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I tried using the mongo query language as well but getting the same error. Can you please guide.

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