New to Knime - Need Joiner Help

Completely new to Knime but am enjoying so far. I have a question about the joiner.

Is there a way I can make it only use a row from one of my two input Excel sheets one time? I am trying to combine some invoices in one Excel sheet (left table) with charges from another Excel spreadsheet (right table). I can only apply the charges on the right spreadsheet once, but each invoices on the left can have more than one value from the right table. I have the two Excel sheets going into a joiner using ‘right outer join’ but I end up with too many results. I have 524 unique rows in the right table but end up with 629 rows in the joined table. I should only have 524 rows in the joined chart.

How can I force Knime to use a row from the left table only one time when creating a new joined table?

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Hi @jcguidry,

do you have a small example files? :thinking:

Small snip of left table

Small snip of right table

I am matching the ‘Transponder’ value in the left table with ‘PP Device ID’ in the right table as well as matching ‘Ship Date’ in the left column with ‘Exit Date/Time’ in the right column and adding the ‘Toll’ value/column with the corresponding ‘Order’ number. The ‘Order’ number can have more than one ‘Toll’ but I can’t apply an individual ‘Toll’ to more than one invoice. Does that make any better sense?

Below is the workflow I have setup.

Hi @jcguidry -

Row mismatches like this sometimes occur when you have duplicates in one of your tables (relative to the fields being matched). Is it possible you need to be matching on more than just the two fields you mentioned? Alternatively, should you be doing some sort of aggregation prior to matching?

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